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We direct our offer to both small and large enterprises. We streamline processes, integrate data, ensure your strategy is effective, and make management more efficient.

We specialize in integrating and processing large data sets, which are used to optimize management processes in marketing and sales in the B2B sector. We are capable of standardizing and integrating data from various sources, including clients and business partners. The activities carried out by our experts in data optimization, organization, anonymization, scoring, and creating Data Science solutions bring long-term business benefits.

Knowledge and time are a real competitive market advantage. We see not only potential in data but also an opportunity for specific transformation within your business strategy.


Gain confidence and clarity in the process of making strategic decisions based on artificial intelligence. We provide tools and methods that enable a full understanding and trust in the results generated by algorithms. Our solutions contribute to and promote responsible development of artificial intelligence.

We deliver innovative tools for personalized customer service, profiling, and advanced risk assessment. We detect fraudulent activities, analyze compliance with regulations, and predict prices. We assist in creating detailed user profiles for more effective marketing strategies. We develop goal-oriented models for automatic real-time fraud detection. Thanks to our solutions, cost and resource optimization is possible, as well as a reduction in the loss rate.

Artificial Intelligence in Data Analysis Personalization

Fraud Detection

Explainable AI (XAI)
Building Trust

Algorithm Development

We transform raw data into business knowledge. We effectively integrate data from various sources, ensuring their consistency and quality. We offer comprehensive solutions for data identification and labeling as well as for developing large datasets. We provide effective protection against third-party access - anonymizing data to ensure they remain fully secure.

Data Engineering

Data Integration

We improve the operational efficiency of your company. We comprehensively manage processes, ensuring their effective streamlining in the form of web tools. We guarantee constant insight into progress and full control over every stage of the process being implemented.

Automation and Process Optimization
Comprehensive Service

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18 January 2024
Revolutionized international payments for businesses through data processing. SendFriend - a platform based on blockchain technology and advanced artificial intelligence - eliminates high transaction costs, providing companies with fast, secure, and scalable methods of transferring money abroad.
21 December 2023
Build a business advantage in client service with the Goodyear Truck Force Quality Audit System! Precise evaluation, comparison, improvement – focus on genuinely raising the standards of technical service and building lasting relationships with clients.
21 December 2023
Data consolidation, intelligent analysis, and continuous monitoring have become the pillars of effective fleet management. Goodyear Tracker not only integrates data from various sources but also optimizes resource utilization.

See our latest achievements. We have extensive experience in IT areas related to the design and implementation of dedicated data processing and management systems.


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